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simply stronger

  • Thank you, Debi McKibben, for squeezing me into your busy schedule to address my sudden back spasms. You made it possible for me to enjoy Thanksgiving with my family and got me on the road to recovery!

    Connie Musgrove

  • I have struggled with declining bone density for many years, probably due to cancer treatments in the past. After stopping my osteoporosis medication because I had been on it for too long, my next Dexa scan showed progressive bone loss. I have always been active and was working out regularly at the gym but that didn't seem to help. My doctor then recommended I either try a different osteoporosis medication or get some help with strength and resistance exercises. I chose exercise and she referred me to Simply Stronger.

    Debi has consulted and worked with me in order to equip me with a large variety of exercises to help strengthen my bones. I now do them on a daily basis right at home. My recent Dexa scan showed that my bones have stabilized! I am so happy and so thankful to Debi for giving me the help I needed. Not only are my bones better, but I am noticeably stronger and look great too!

    Thank you Debi!!

    Carol Steever

  • Debi, 

    Just a simple thank-you for teaching me to be simply stronger. Yoga has given me much of my strength back and I hope to get even stronger. 

    ... your support and enthusiasm is appreciated. 

    You're the best!! 


    Jaque Patton

  • I enrolled in Debi McKibben's exercise and nutrition 12 week course at Simply Stronger on January 16, 2002.  At Christmas my granddaughter wanted to play on the floor with me and I experienced great trouble getting down and could only get up by crawling to the nearest sofa and clambering up! I vowed to get in shape. Overweight, I had begun to weigh my food and cut down on fats, although I still ate chocolate Hershey's Kisses once a week! I hadn't lost any weight, but hadn't gained any since Christmas. 

    After discussing my needs and goals with Debi, I believed the 12 week course would put me on the right road for healthy eating as well as settling me into a routine of strengthening exercises. How right I was! I have lost 15 pounds and 11 inches and have lowered my body fat by 3 percent, and I know that I?m going to continue getting stronger and healthier with the help of Simply Stronger. 

    Debi is supportive and encouraging and unfailingly positive. I am amazed by the exercises that I can do now; I always used 3 pound weights Debi's lowest weights were 5 pounds; I now use 8 pound weights. We use medicineballs, bands, skippingropes, resist-a-balls and more. I can get up and down with ease and feel much more confident in myself. 

    Debi chose a perfect name for her company. Simply Stronger is exactly what we become at Simply Stronger.

    Margaret j. madden

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